Client Testimonials

I am an older athlete, I now train a total of 6 days a week split between CrossFit and the Calgary Rowing Club, and have a busy work and family life. For the past year I have received services from Dr. Milliquet including; nutrition counselling, vitamin advice and acupuncture. Following a through initial assessment with Dr. Milliquet, my treatments have been very helpful and addressed the route of various issues, holistically. Following the nutrition and vitamin advice have been very helpful for me. As an older athlete I have unique issues with my training, fitness, recovery, and nutrition requirements. Since being treated by Dr. Milliquet I have been training, sleeping and generally feeling much better. My cholesterol has improved and my body fat/muscle mass is in the preferred range. The on-line booking system works very well and the appointments are always professional and on time.

Bill H.

Dr. Mandy is a fantastic doctor. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has help me repair my 47 year old body. I would definitely recommend her for any of your ailments and even if you do not have an injury, just to help make you feel better every day.

Renato C.

Healing and improving has always been a daunting task for me. There is a lot of information out there, and finding someone who can tune into what I need has always been a challenge. I started using a couple of supplements from Dr. Mandy when I began at Crossfit mostly because I wanted to find the best protein powders and vitamins that I could find with the least amount of filler. This seemed to help me with gains in Crossfit.

Of course, Crossfit is demanding and injury is inevitable in sport, so after 18 months in Crossfit I suffered what I thought was a hip injury. Upon diagnosis by Dr. Mandy, it turned out that it was my Psoas that was strained. This is a very painful strain and debilitating in so many ways.

Dr. Mandy instituted a dry needle therapy for me over the course of 4 sessions. This involved thin needles to grab my psoas muscle as well as electro-acupuncture. After session one I could walk again, the subsequent sessions got me back to a point where I could at least do yoga every day again.

Bryce C.

Dr. Milliquet is a very warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and professional Naturopathic Doctor. She took the time to get to know me and listen to my concerns and offer valuable treatments that are effective specifically for me. Having someone who caters to your needs individually is so refreshing. I appreciate how she returned my emails without delay, followed up with me regularly, and offered flexible appointment dates.

I have never doubted any treatments she recommended and have always been pleased with the outcomes of these treatments.

Thank you Dr. Milliquet for everything you have done for me!

Shayna A.