Getting pumped about your hormones

Dr. Mandy Swinden, BKin, ND joins us to discuss how active females and female athletes can eat, train, and live in accordance with their hormone cycles to optimize their outcomes.

Holistic Medical Care, Being Your Own Medical Advocate and Surviving a Car Attack

This episode discusses naturopathic medicine: how it is different from the traditional medical care most of us are used to receiving and how your Naturopathic Doctor can help you get to the root cause of your symptoms to find a proactive and sustainable solution!   Dr. Mandy helps dispel some myths about naturopathic care and will put your mind to ease about finding a great practitioner that you can trust!

Hacking Female Physiology and Performance

Hey ladies!  We are pretty different from men…. in, like, way more ways than we realize!!!   Down to our physiology even: like how our cells act after a workout! – we are not just smaller versions of men!  Dr. Mandy Swinden  walks us through the many ways we are different, what the newest research (which she has read word-for-word by the way) is saying and how we can apply it to both our athletic endeavors and to our day to day life.

Muscle, mindset and exercise on ketogenic (low-carb diets)

In this episode, Dr. Mandy talks about her journey as an athlete and Naturopathic Doctor and discusses everything from nutrition, to exercise, and recovery. 

Women's Cycles, Hormones & Optimal Training

In this episode, Dr. Mandy Swinden and I chat about women’s hormones, optimal training based off your cycle, cycle tracking, and so much more! This episode is AWESOME! And whether you are a seasoned trainer/athlete or a newbie, this episode is FOR YOU! This will open your eyes to better understanding how to reach your fitness goals by using your incredible hormones!

Mom Guilt & Post Partum

In this episode, Dr. Mandy Swinden BHK ND, and I chat about her post partum experience, mom guilt, body image, pelvic floor health and how every pregnancy and baby and birthing experience is different.

Dr. Mandy on Bodybuilding and Female Hormones

In this episode, Dr. Mandy N.D. and I chat about bodybuilding, hormones and as a female athlete, is it good for you? This episode is JAM PACKED with golden nuggets of information that you can apply in your life or use as food for thought.

Female Hormones and Athletic Performance

Did you ever thing it was possible to use menstrual cycle to your athletic advantage?
Dr. Mandy Swinden, Naturopathic Doctor and female hormone enthusiast changes our perception of hormonal cycles and explains how women can optimize their performance by listening to their body.

Hi, I'm Dr. Mandy,

Naturopathic Doctor & women’s health expert.  I’m so happy you’re here and I hope that this space provides you with the information that you seek about your amazing and unique female physiology.

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