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Prolotherapy involves the treatment of pain and ligament laxity by stimulating the body’s natural healing ability. Through the injection of solution directly into the ligament, strengthening occurs resulting in pain relief.


Prolozone is a combination of prolotherapy and ozone. Injecting ozone gas after prolotherapy results in a greater dispersion of solution.


Trigger point injections

Trigger points are tight bands or knots in muscle tissue that ilicit pain. By injecting directly into these areas, these knots can be released, restoring proper muscle function and relieving pain.
“Dr. Mandy is a fantastic doctor. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has help me repair my 47 year old body. I would definitely recommend her for any of your ailments and even if you do not have an injury, just to help make you feel better every day. Renato C.

” Since being treated by Dr. Milliquet I have been training, sleeping and generally feeling much better. My cholesterol has improved and my body fat/muscle mass is in the preferred range. Bill H.

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