The hormone performance connection class has blown my mind on a weekly basis for the past 8 weeks.  I’ve said to myself “How have I never known this about my own body???” countless times already.  The information that Mandy and Bri are bringing to women is so powerful and is incredibly empowering for women!   The better we can understand our cycles and just how different we are from our male counterparts, the more control we have in our lives: from training, to fertility, to our appetites and nutrition and to how we engage with our environments!!  These two women are so knowledgeable – I’m so impressed that they stay up to date on ALL of the latest research regarding females, hormones, performance and wellness.  They are seriously changing lives with this course.  As a trainer and a gym owner, this course is improving the way I will program for and recommend nutrition for the females I lead.  I’m so thankful to this class for giving me new tools and knowledge!  I want every female to take this course – but especially women who train or compete!  It will rock you and you will not regret it!

Stacey Rikalo
Co-owner of Wolfvalley CrossFit
Reno, NV