I can’t say enough about the Hormone Performance Connection class with Dr. Mandy and Dr. Briana. This topic has always intrigued me and sparked many questions. Based on all the studies out there and information I’ve seen, I was always so disheartened to see that there was rarely any specifics for women. We are so different! Why is there no information? This course has answered so many questions for me and made me more passionate about this topic. Every female athlete should take this course. 

Personally I’ve struggled with gains and staying consistent because I could never find consistency in my energy. This course was a game changer! I’ve seen more adaptations and growth in the past months than I’ve seen in my entire fitness career. I feel healthier and my mental game feels clear. The best part is how my cycle has changed. I used to have long heavy periods, painful ovulation and horrible PMS symptoms. Since applying some of the modalities I’ve learned from Dr. Bri and Dr. Mandy, my period is now 4-5 days, not heavy and painful anymore, spotting before, bleeding for two days and spot for a day. My ovulation is predictable and mild and my negative PMS symptoms are improving by measurable amounts every cycle. 

The course itself is put together so well. The way these women break down the information is perfect, it makes it very easy to apply. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a doctor and this information is presented in a way that is so easy….and fun…..to take in. I appreciate the live discussion, the access to their Facebook page for more community and discussions and I really love being able to go over the recordings again. 

Thank you Doctors! You’ve seriously changed my life. I feel like this information will help me be a better mom to my three growing girls and make me a better athlete.

Mollie Connell, 36
Muay Thai, Spartan and Child Wrangler
Reno, NV