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Tap into the power of your hormones & discover the true potential of your female physiology

You are probably here because you are feeling frustrated, confused and stuck when it comes to understanding your female hormones and physiology. You know that hormones affect your athletic performance, but you’re not sure exactly how or what you can do about it. Maybe you have lost your period and have been told to stop training, which is absolutely not something you are willing to do. Or maybe you know you have hormonal imbalances, but you aren’t concerned about them because, it’s kind of nice not having to deal with a period every month!

I am here to tell you that your period is not your enemy. In fact, having a monthly bleed can be very beneficial to your performance.

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Who are we

The protocol is designed and administered by Naturopathic Doctor, Mandy Swinden and her team. They are experts in the world of women’s health and performance, who practice what they preach. Dr. Mandy’s athletic background, in combination with her extensive medical education and experience working in the fitness industry, make her the perfect teacher for educating female athletes on how to not only achieve and maintain hormone balance, but also utilize their hormones to their advantage and achieve all they want from sport and life. 

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What will you will take away from the program:

  • A deeper understanding of your monthly hormonal cycle

  • How to modify your training and daily activities to harness the power of your hormones

  • Fueling appropriately for your sport, your unique nutritional requirements, and the phase of your cycle

  • Improved, enhanced, and consistent athletic performance

What you receive

  • Unlimited access to the portal for 12 months
  • Group support for 12 months
  • a downloadable PDF work book
  • Nutrition recommendations unique to female athletes
  • Training strategies to reach your strength & endurance goals
  • Competition guidelines for performing at your best
  • Strategy & support through online community of like-minded female athletes

We are passionate about helping females understand their unique physiology, so they can achieve all they want from sport and life.

The Method

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The Process


We conduct a 1 on 1 consultation to determine your unique needs.


Based upon your unique physiology, we recommend a personalized protocol and educate you on how to achieve your ultimate fitness goals.


Us, and a community of women on a similar journey, cheer you on every step of the way while you maximize your potential and thrive!

The Hormone Connection Project is an excellent course to take to learn how to really harness your potential as a female athlete.  I took this course for my own knowledge, as well as you further guide my nutrition clients into optimizing their health and strength.  Dr. Mandy and Dr. Bri made the course easily understandable… Read more “Harness your potential as a female athlete”

Erin Hastings
1066 Nutrition

I can’t say enough about the Hormone Performance Connection class with Dr. Mandy and Dr. Briana. This topic has always intrigued me and sparked many questions. Based on all the studies out there and information I’ve seen, I was always so disheartened to see that there was rarely any specifics for women. We are so… Read more “Every female athlete should take this course”

Mollie Connell
Muay Thai, Spartan and Child Wrangler

The hormone performance connection class has blown my mind on a weekly basis for the past 8 weeks.  I’ve said to myself “How have I never known this about my own body???” countless times already.  The information that Mandy and Bri are bringing to women is so powerful and is incredibly empowering for women!  … Read more “Powerful and incredibly empowering for women”

Stacey Rikalo
Co-owner of Wolfvalley CrossFit

Mandy and I met late 2019 while I was preparing for my second Powerlifting Nationals. I ended up placing first and qualified for the IPF World Championships… Coincidence? I think not ; )  Prior to meeting Mandy, I knew nothing about Naturopathic Medicine. I had a few health concerns at this time which I was… Read more “This information is GOLD for female athletes”

Tori LaPerriere
Team Canada Powerlifter