Mandy and I met late 2019 while I was preparing for my second Powerlifting Nationals. I ended up placing first and qualified for the IPF World Championships… Coincidence? I think not ; ) 

Prior to meeting Mandy, I knew nothing about Naturopathic Medicine. I had a few health concerns at this time which I was very open about with my family. A family friend recommended I seek out Naturopathic Medicine as a treatment option – Dr. Mandy in particular! I still remember how happy I was after my first appointment. It honestly felt too good to be true. My doctor is also an athlete?! She experienced the same problems as me at one point!? I believe all female athletes need this type of support to thrive – someone who understands both the physical and mental demands of training. For the first time in my athletic career, I felt like I had the tools and support to conquer the ‘unhealthy’ realities female athletes experience. 

Fortunately, I had complete control over most of the problems I was dealing with and made huge improvements in my wellbeing within a few months! I had no idea I could control so many markers of health in my life by simply adjusting my diet, sleep, stress levels, vitamin intake… etc. It was empowering to utilize these simple (but overlooked) tools to really maximize my performance. I’m currently taking a program Dr. Mandy has created which is all about female hormones and performance! This information is GOLD for female athletes.

Reaching out to Dr. Mandy has changed my life to say the least… She has educated me on how to take control of my own health which is truly one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Not only was I able to achieve one of my longest term goals while working with her (win Nationals) I have also become incredibly passionate about Naturopathic Medicine and plan on becoming a doctor myself down the road! 

Forever Grateful,
Tori LaPerriere
Team Canada Powerlifter