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I’d rather talk to you face to face and tell you everything I know about prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma, but since that’s not always possible, I’ll settle for talking through a screen 😉

How To Make Butter Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is a hot topic right now. And for good reason - it's delicious and can be a great way to boost up fat-burning (IF you do it correctly). When you wake up in the morning, your body is in a fasted-state (depending on what time you consumed your last...

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Steam Inhalation 101

Everyone at my gym is sick right now!!! Unfortunately, I caught the plague too. I guess this is what you can expect being surrounded by a cest-pool of infectious people. Since I'm a relentless optimist, I saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate a hydrotherapy...

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Super Easy Lemon-Dill Salmon

I love Salmon! Mmmm it's so good. When you cook it properly that is. But how do you cook salmon so that it is delicious and melts in your mouth? I thought you might ask that question 🙂 So I have demonstrated one of my favourite (and quickest) ways to make salmon. How...

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